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We provide effective, efficient e-learning solutions for organizations that are looking to train a diverse workforce or educate a specific demographic. Our team will collaborate with you from the stage of planning and design through to development and implementation to produce a final product that fits your audience, budget, and subject matter. By combining the use of innovative, contemporary software with broad pedagogical strategies, our design dream team delivers streamlined, comprehensive courses. Our team is dedicated to creating learner-centered courses through varying levels of interactions, gamification and scenarios. Exposing learners to industry-specific situations as an interactive activity is a practical way to ensure their knowledge can be applied as a skill in real life. Meet with us to explore a new experience for your learners.

Our Work

For our clients we:

  • Facilitate LMS uploading
  • Provide Instructional design and course development
  • Manage project timelines and workloads to meet objectives and deliverables

Within our courses we:

  • Use an experienced teacher avatar to guide the learner
  • Engage learners by creating interactive games to test their knowledge
  • Develop scenarios that enable the learner to put themselves into real-life situations
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