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In-Demand Programs

What differs us from others

We short-list and bring you the finest and in-demand programs. The purpose of gaining knowledge and education is to apply what you have learned in real-life. We research different industries and trends to update the programs we offer from our partner.

Student Consultation

We work with students to help them to find the right program.

Co-op Programs

EduSolutions offers various Co-Op programs from our partner public college.

Top-notch tecnology

Our users can easily submit the Application using the EduSolutions portal from anywhere in the world.

Research & Development

We keep track of changing trends to bring more in-demand programs for our students.

Our Services

Application Submission

The process of submitting applications was never so easy and straight forward.


Keep track of your applications via the in-build time and status changes.

Real-time updates

Receive real-time notifications and updates on your applications in no-time.

Application filtration

With a dedicated team working behind the scene and auto-filtration. We short-list the best candidates for our partner college.

Student journey through EduSolutions

We care about providing the best service possible. With our extensive experience we have serviced hundreds of students, all of them, successfully.

Application Submission

Students submit the Application on EduSolutions through their agents or individually.

Application Review

EduSolutions reviews the Application and connects the student with the right public college program.

Getting Into College

Once approved, we provide all the necessary support and documents to the student to start their new journey.