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Who we are

We care about providing the best service possible. With our extensive experience we have serviced thousands of students, all of them successfully.

Dedicated Service

Our expert and committed team are here to support your needs. We prioritize your convenience and the enrollment of students in the best programs for their education and future careers.

Co-op Programs

We offer access to programs in the most relevant fields with great work opportunities. With many of these programs including a 4th semester co-op placement, students have direct access to industry.

Top-notch tecnology

Our portal is custom-built, convenient, and user-friendly, providing you easy access to each application.


EduSolutions is a portal to student success. We are also educators, so the successful placement of students in the most relevant program for their academic and career goals is critical.

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How we work?

EduSolutions screens all the student applications and sorts them by the best candidates. Our priority is quality for both our partners and students. Thus, We, as a team, dedicate our time to reviewing every detail to match our partner's needs.

We focus on connecting the students with the programs that will lead to their future success. Making the right career decision and getting into the perfect program is critical; this is the reason why we helps our students to make the right decision. We are your partner in your journey.

Best team, experience and professionalism

The process of short-listing applications and finding the best match for both college and student is complicated, with a lot of variables involved. EduSolutions purpose is simply the process by taking care of technology, and human assistants required. Our professional and experienced staff will evaluate the Application based on certain conditions, which include English Test Score, Academics, Reviewing, and verifying the documents submitted by the students. Once the Application is pre-screen is went through the review stage where we match the student with the college and preferred program.