Edu Solutions is a full-service e-learning company with offices in Sarnia and Mississauga, Ontario. We specialize in designing and developing tailored, interactive, engaging e-learning programs for both industry and education. In addition to our experience, research in the latest trends in learning allow us to anticipate our clients’ needs. If your content needs an update or you have new training to implement, our creative team will explore innovative options that enhance the learning experience.


Dr Karen McCloskey, Chief Learning Officer

Karen has over 20 years of experience with e-learning design, learning management systems and teaching at universities and colleges in Canada and abroad. She also holds a dual role as the Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Lambton College’s Advanced Teaching – E-Learning and Instructional Design post graduate program. Karen and her team are passionate about creating dynamic, engaging and impactful learning solutions for corporate and educational clients.

Meg Scrimgeour, Learning Designer:

Meg is an experienced communications professional with a background in International Development Studies and Political Science. After years in the communications world, she decided to follow her passion for coding, web-design and digital content curation into the tech-world. Trained in Internet Programming and Database Management, she adds a unique flair to designing e-learning experiences at Edu Solutions.

Ashley Bueckert, Learning Designer:

Our resident computer programmer, Ashley has many years of experience both programming and teaching programming as an Educational Assistant at Lambton College. Her love of the visual arts coupled with her technological expertise make her a great asset to the Edu Solutions team.

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